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Friday, July 31, 2009

Fenix 4 Level High Performance Cree LED Flashlight, Maximum 230 Lumens

The TA30 is a solid, impact-resistant flashlight that features Fenix's revolutionary four-stage revolving dimmer system. Powered by three CR123A batteries, the TA30 pumps out 225 lumens and will burn for up to 115 continuous hours. For hunting, shooting, exploring, and searching, the TA30 is your best bet. The TA30 features Fenix's unique revolving dimmer system, a rotary interface that allows you to select the different modes of output easily and effortlessly. The selector ring will rotate up to 90 degrees, which helps you to know which mode you are on even in dark environments so you won't have to play "roulette" when you go to turn on your light!

Product Features:
8 inch lenth, 8 ounce weight, AMAZING 4 output levels: Low: 9 Lumens (115 hrs), Medium: 60 Lumens (25 hrs), High: 225 Lumens (3.5 hrs) and Strobe 230 Lumens (7 Hrs)
Will reach over 200 meters (656 FT) powered by three 3V CR123A or 4.2V RCR123A batteries--NOT INCLUDED
Body design is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum, Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard
Virtually indestructible, microprocessor-controlled, CREE light emitting diode (LED) has no filament to burn out or break, Cree Premium (Q5) 7090 XR-E LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours

Fenix 4 Level High Performance Cree LED Flashlight, Maximum 230 Lumens

Customer feedback:

Im a retired Police officer from NY, do part time security and love bicycling. I needed a durable light which I could use on my bicycle and quickly take it with me. I also bought the TwoFish Flashlite Holder. I think if you buy this light and holder you'll be very happy. I use it in flash mode and people have told me they thought it was a police car approaching. This light is amazingly bright and durable. I dropped it a couple of time on my tile floors and concrete outside my home. Other then scuff marks the lights still works. It has 4 setting all of which are useful to me (as a biker). I've owed streamlights, kel-lites, mag-lites and sure-fire lights and for the money this is by far the best! The light will also end stand with the button depressed. It will not stand on its cap in the off position but who needs it to? The light will roll but not as quickly or readily as other lights due to the built in notches. On a slight grades in my driveway the light did not roll away. The light can be used as a defensive weapon due to the cut-outs on the head and tail which are nice features. I was able to break up some ice in the cooler with the trail end. Beg, borrow, steal...although this is not a small flashlight it has too many great features to ignore. Now if I could find a quality duty belt basket weave flashlight holder I'd be set! Hope this review helps your decision.

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