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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hindi Serial - Ladies Special on Sony TV - Story of 4 different ladies

Ladies Special is a show that started fairly recently on Sony TV (premiered on May 25, 2009). It is shown on weekdays, Monday - Thursday at the prime time of 9:30 PM. The name of the serial is based on the train service only for ladies, called 'Ladies Special'. The show takes 4 ladies from different age groups, and covers their daily challenges, problems, accomplishments. It is yet another quest to make a serial that is different from all the family drama that used to dominate serials earlier.
The serial tries to take an unromantic look at life, a theme that was started with Nukkad and has been shown in several other shows; the concept is still relevant if the shows are realistic and do not drag.

Ladies Special on Sony TV - Story of 4 different ladies, appearing weekdays at 2130 PM, starring Neena Gupta, Akash Khurana, and Harsh Chhaya

The 4 ladies that are the main characters of this show are (details at this link):
1. Neena Gupta (plays Shubha Joshi). Her life gets upset when she realized that her husband (Akash Khurana) had a second wife in Pune, and she decides to leave and move into a separate flat. She had left her job and left the Ladies Special, but now needs to find a job and resume travel on the train.
2. Shilpa Tulaskar (plays Nanda Shinde). Middle aged, mid 30's. Has 2 children, including a daughter in school (15 years old). Her life in the serial is geared towards meeting the challenges in her children's life, as well as forming a wonderful husband-wife pair.
3. Ashita Dhawan (plays Bubbly Chaddha). Is Bubbly like her name, works in a private company as a receptionist, and lives a life based on EMI's and installments. Always boasting about riches she does not have, her life is getting into a trap of money repayments and money problems.
4. Payal Sarkar (plays Pooja Singh). Newly married, Pooja is in the honeymoon like period of early marriage, but her marriage to Harsh Chhaya is slowly revealing that her husband is dominating, and abusive. She slowly gathers the courage to make an independent life.

Videos of Ladies Special on Sony (on Youtube)
Ladies Special 14 Jul 09 1:

Ladies Special 14 Jul 09 2

Ladies Special 14 Jul 09 3

Ladies Special 14 Jul 09 4

Ladies Special 14 Jul 09 5

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