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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pioneer Elite SC-07 - AV network receiver - 7.1 channel

It may be called a receiver, but really, it's a giver. It embraces your every component without prejudice DVD player, VCR, speakers, television, iPod® player, video game console, XM® and SIRIUS® satellite radio and harmony results, instantaneously. The results are yours to see, hear and appreciate. You won't just be entertained you'll be transported, your senses treated to stimuli they haven't experienced before. Control all this power at your command, often with just a single push of a button. And if this isn't impressive enough, watch in awe as Pioneer's Elite® receivers calibrate themselves to their environment automatically with Advanced MCACC, the Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System, for the best audio experience possible. It's a performance no other receiver in the world can follow. The Pioneer® Elite® SC-07 A/V receiver boasts 140 Watts of power. Designed around a revolutionary ICEpower® Class D amplifier, the Elite SC-07 A/V delivers best in class multi-channel sound. Built from the ground up for High-Definition surround sound, the SC-07 boasts 7 channels of surround sound, AIR StudiosTM certification and Direct Energy amplification, allowing the SC-07 to operate at powerful levels with extremely low distortion and virtually no wasted energy. The result is enormous headroom and extraordinary detail, resulting in audio depth and richness that is truly breathtaking. The SC-07 was designed to serve as the heart of the most complex of systems to create a truly seamless experience. Four HDMI® inputs provide the highest quality connections for a full range of state of the art playback. The Faroudja® 1080p Video Scaler upscales video regardless of format, for exceptional picture quality. The SC-07 also features a Burr-BrownTM 8-channel Sampling Rate Converter for jitter reduction in all audio formats, as well as Wolfson digital to analog converters for full 192 khz audio performance.

Technical Details :
* ICEPower® Class-D Amplifier.
* PQLS with HDMI.
* HDMI 1.3a4 In / 2 Output.

Pioneer Elite SC-07 - AV network receiver - 7.1 channel

All the features you would expect, great power, looks great, sounds absolutely beautiful.

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