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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Making money through selling your content -

Consider the case where you have started blogging very recently, and the money you are making from Adsense or from other similar advertising programs is not very high (Ignore all those ads that say that you can make $4,000 dollars per day from the first week onwards - if people could do that, why would they be selling the secret for $50). However, you believe that you have an engaging style of writing, and this will drive more people towards your blog. Further, if there is way for you to make some money through selling articles, why not ?
Well, now is the time to meet reality. It is not until we have been tested that we realize that what we thought was excellent is only good, and what we had thought as Good is not so good. So, the question remains as to how to get your writing judged ? Well, there is a way to do so. There are sites that act as a marketplace between content providers and buyers. This is indeed way to make money through selling your articles ? You could make money through this !
Time for a reality check, you need to find somebody who can do this for you. Well, there is a site called ConstantContent (link) that acts as such a market place, and gives you the chance to make money from your writing. How do you use this as an evaluation of your writing style ? Well, the site has human editors, who will evaluate your content and then decide whether it is worthy. They would also be willing to offer feedback about what went wrong, and could be improved. On the other hand, if your writing is indeed good, you could evaluate the requests made and write articles similar to these requests.
Your content will also not be freely available on the internet.

Constant-Content is unique in that we do not allow search engines to index our articles. As a consequence, when you purchase a unique or full rights license for one of our articles you can be certain that you will be the first on the Internet to post this article and you will receive the benefits of having unique, interesting and link-worthy content.

Read more about how they accept articles (link)

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