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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

5 tips on buying a camera lens (contd..)

Tip 1 (Prime lens vs. zoom lens): If you want better optical quality, then a prime lens would be more suitable for you; but there is an inconvenience involved in terms of not having the convenience of being able to get distant objects easily (as is possible through a zoom lens)

Tip 2 (Do you need a lens in which the motor does not make a sound): For specialistic needs such as wildlife, you sometimes need a lens that makes almost zero sound when focusing or shooting, else you will scare away the animals.

Tip 3 (Are you worried about distortion): Many zooms, unless they are of a very high quality, can have distortion in the photos produced (this may be unacceptable if you are photographing architecture, or producing designs). You need to check the lens beforehand to determine whether it will be acceptable.

Tip 4 (Compare the cost of camera and lens): If you are able to afford a really good quality camera, then you should also budget for some great lenses. After all, the quality of the photo is also dependent on the lens. On the other hand, if you are learning, then a cheaper lens should be fine.

Tip 5 (Differentiate between manual and automatic focus): Manual focus gives you a lot of control, while in automatic focus, the camera does the focusing for you. In some situations such as where there are multiple objects in the photo, or when you are focusing in a crowd, or in bad light conditions, you should go in for a manual focus. Accordingly, ensure that your lens has both manual and automatic focus.

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