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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Foods for losing weight - Link to external article

A lot of us would have heard or read about miracle foods, food that can help you lose weight, or even foods that take more energy to eat than the calories you get from such foods. However, it is difficult to construct a diet from such foods, since there are almost no nutritional values to be derived from a diet heavy in such foods. Celery is one such example. Doctors and nutritional experts always advice losing diet with a well constructed diet that removes high calorific value food items, and instead substitutes them with food items that provide the required balance of food.
Here is an article that touts the advantage of certain food stuffs that you would not have thought would be recommended ways for losing weight; however, there are constant revisions in the matter of food, nutrition, and diet, especially when you are looking for ways to lose weight.
Some of the items in this article (link to article) are interesting in the least - these include steak, eggs, oats (you would not have been surprised at seeing oats in this list), lentils, apples, chiles, yoghurt, Parmesan, Avocado, Olive Oil.
Some of these are items you would have known, such as Yoghurt, Apples, Oats, others are not ones that you would have particularly known. Steak and eggs are particularly ones that you would not have associated in respect of foods that can help you in losing weight.

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