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Thursday, August 20, 2009

One For All URC 10820 10 Device Learning Universal Remote Control

This massive remote can operate an impressive 18 devices and comes with a charging cradle to dissuade you from losing it down the back of sofa.
Consolidates up to 10 remotes (TV, DVD, VCR/DVR/PVR, Cable or Satellite, AUX, Media Center) / Uses 2 AAA Batteries Sleep Timer, Mute and Previous Channel Volume Control in any mode Macro functions Learning Capability Upgradeable Permanent Memory Retention Requires 2 AAA batteries Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.

Technical Details :
* Full DVD functionality (zoom, title, subtitle, angle, audio, repeat).
* Perfect for Home-Theater capabilities.
* Master Power Keys.
* Select you favorite 10 channels.
* Dedicated Menu keys including Guide, Info, Select and Exit (suitable for DSS and Previous Channel).

This remote has a lot of capability for the price. When building my home theater I was looking for a remote that could handle my TV, A/V receiver, VCR/DVD combo, Cable box/DVR combo. This remote was much cheaper than the Harmony (would have loved one of those) and could handle these devices as well as others. I am still tweaking the macro's but I am off to a good start.
Pros: Works with combo devices, macro and learning capability, price.
Cons: Still have to use individual device's remotes to perform certain functions.

One For All URC 10820 10 Device Learning Universal Remote Control

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