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Saturday, August 29, 2009

V-MODA Bass Freq Earbuds - Platinum White

Designed specifically to recreate the sensation and sounds of the world’s finest clubs and concert venues, Bass Freq’s enables powerful bass that can actually be felt. A powerful neodymium rare earth magnets produces deep yet precise bass levels in conjunction with BLISS noise-isolating technology. Warm mids and crisp highs blend seamlessly with the vibrant bass so that the lows don’t compromise the overall sound quality of the entire spectrum. The dynamic driver delivers clear and natural sound in comparison to the distant and mechanical sound of other manufacturers’ in-ear models that cost more that double Bass Freq’s value-based price. The combination of superior sound quality, unique design and style, and extreme comfort at such a great value won Bass Freq the 2006 CNET Editor’s Choice Award.
Bass Freq’ adapts to YOUR music and fashion style rather than dictates it. Although V-MODA takes sound quality and innovative technology to be of primary importance we refuse to neglect the elements of style and fashion that the rest of the headphone industry has overlooked. People across the nation are integrating their MP3 players and their respective accessories into their wardrobes in the same manner as other conventional items such as jewelry, hats, etc. V-MODA modaphones provide individuals with the option to personalize their wardrobe with an array of colors and styles. Bass Freq comes in 8 different high-fashion colors that perfectly complement the color of your Ipod or MP3 player, or allow you to mix and match colors to create your own unique style.

Customer feedback:

1. My wife owns the gunmetal black high end v-moda earbuds and to tell the truth, those have NOTHING on these as far as sound (except for looking cooler and costing twice as much). Yes, they may be a little more durable (and heavy) due to material (metal vs plastic), but as far as sound goes, you will NOT be disappointed with these. Now having said that, you must experiment with the various ear inserts so that you get the one that fits "just right". But when you find that, you will be amazed at the sound of these. They are also extremely comfortable.

2. The only negative to these earbuds is the difficulty in getting them out of the packaging. Once that was done, I plugged them into the E-250 and gave them a try. You really need to experiment with all the earpieces. I started with the small but they were too loose to give good sound and they fell out. Like Goldilocks, I kept trying the different sizes, until I found the best fit. Once you find the best fit, you will also experience the best sound.
I was extremely pleased with the sound of these earbuds. They are far better than the ones that came with the Sansa and WAY more comfortable. I have not touched the equalizer yet, because I'm pleased with the sound, but I'll probably experiment with it to see if I can improve the sound even more.

V-MODA Bass Freq Earbuds - Platinum White

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