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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shure SE210 Sound Isolating Earphone - Black

Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and perfected by Shure engineers, the lightweight and stylish SE210 delivers full range audio that?s free from outside noise.

Product Features
* Hi-Definition sound with bright highs and extra detail.
* Hi-Definition MicroSpeaker delivers wider range and more clarity and detail than standard earbuds.
* Sound Isolation Technology reduces background noise better than noise-cancelling headphones, without batteries or added hiss.
* Deluxe Fit Kit including a selection of interchangeable sleeves for personalized, comfortable fit; 3' extension cable; carrying case.
* Modular Cable Design lets users choose different cable lengths to suit different music player locations (armband, pocket etc.)

The SE210s from in-ear pioneer Shure come with a variety of earbuds to ensure a snug fit, blocking out external noise and keeping your tunes in your ears rather than drifting through the train carriage. The SE210s are reasonably priced by Shure's standards, but although they produce a highly detailed sound, it's almost too clinical times, especially with lower quality MP3s. It's a thin, tightly controlled timbre that works best with cleanly produced music. Noisy rock fans should probably look elsewhere.

- Accurate audio.
- Good noise canceling.

- The bass feels underwhelming.
- Cable is stiff when it fits around the ear.

Shure SE210 Sound Isolating Earphone - Black

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