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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Amazon Kindle Replacement Power Adapter (fits 2nd Generation Kindle and Kindle DX)

Replace or supplement your Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation) and Kindle DX power adapter with a spare. This adapter is the same as the one that ships in the box with your Kindle (2nd Generation) and Kindle DX. Simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect to your Kindle's micro USB port for recharging. Its universal design means that it works around the world, with the help of a physical country adapter plug (sold separately). The power adapter's detachable USB cable can be used to connect your Kindle to a computer or USB hub for either powering your Kindle through the computer or for transferring MP3 or Audible files onto your Kindle.

Technical Details:
Approved charger for Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation) and Kindle DX; same as adapter that ships in the box
Fully charges Kindle (2nd Generation) and Kindle DX in 4 hours or less
Detachable USB cable for powering through computer or transferring MP3 and Audible files
5.9 foot length

Customer feedback:

1. Since the details for the items are a little sparse I thought I would provide the specs listed on the power adapter.
AC Input 100-240 Volts, 0.15 Amps, 50/60 Hz
DC Output 4.9 Volts, 0.85 Amps

2. Looking very stylish and extremely compact, Amazon really got it right with the new Kindle 2 charger. It's iPhone looking design will really leave you in awe. Speaking of iPhone, the tiny power adapter works great to charge an iPhone or iPod. This is a great bonus feature for us Apple enthusiasts. One less device to carry. Just plug your Apple cable into this and charge away. I tried it with my iPhone 3G and iPod and it worked great.
Easy to carry, works in the USA or overseas ( with a plug adapter, sold separately).
The included USB cable is also high quality and well made. The price for both is also very good. It is an excellent idea to purchase one of these to have as an extra just in case you loose your original set or to charge at another location in your home or office. It can also be used to charge other devices that use a USB type charger, although I have only tested it so far with an Apple iPhone 3G and iPod.

Amazon Kindle Replacement Power Adapter (fits 2nd Generation Kindle and Kindle DX)

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