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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wordpress Plugins: Use a plugin to update your plugins

If you have a blog on Wordpress (or multiple such blogs), there are a lot of extensions you can make for your blog. You get a cool theme, and then start looking for plugins that give your blog additional features, whether these be administration, or allowing users to tag or search, or the plugin shows other related posts and comments. Okay, so your plugin is now in place, and your blog is ready. What happens a couple of months down the line, when the plugins you use may have some updates, such as having some bug fixes, or some new features, or the plugin has been updated to work with a newer version of Wordpress. How long will you keep on trying to track down updates, and manually updating these plugins ? This can be pretty painful, and take a lot of effort.
So, there should be some way to automate the process, or at least make it simpler, and there is an answer - Single Click Plugin Updater WordPress Plugin (site).

This plugin extends the plugin update notification feature introduced in WordPress 2.3 by adding an “update automatically” link to update notifications. When you click the link, the new version of the corresponding plugin is downloaded and installed automatically. It also lets you know which plugins have update notifications enabled.

There are a lot of comments in the page, so if you have a problem, it should be easy to find the solution.

In addition, you can read more at this page on (link)

Single-click plugin upgrades in WP 2.3 and up. The techniques that this plugin uses are slightly different from the built-in plugin upgrade feature in WP 2.5, so it's possible that on some blogs the plugin updater works and the built-in updater doesn't (or vice versa).
Quickly determine if there are any pending updates and how many plugins are active. This plugin displays that information right below the "Plugin Management" headline.

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