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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nokia E51 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, MP3/Video Player, and MicroSD Slot--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black Steel)

Ideal for business-savvy globetrotters who require a full range of smartphone capabilities, broadband connectivity, and real-time access to your contacts, the stylish Nokia E51 brings it all together. This quad-band GSM/EDGE phone is also ready to run on 850 MHz/2100 MHz UMTS/HSDPA 3G networks (found in Europe, Australia and Asia), enabling fast downloads and streaming multimedia while on the go. It also includes integrated Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b/g) for accessing open networks at work, at home, and on the road from a variety of wireless hotspots.
The candybar-style E51 is nicely slim at less than half-an-inch thin, and it features a large 2-inch LCD with support for 16.7 million colors for excellent depth. It's based on S60 software operating on the Symbian OS, enabling you to personalize the E51 by choosing from a wide choice of compatible applications that can be downloaded--including games, navigation, entertainment, and productivity titles. Other features include a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity for both communication headsets and stereo music streaming, MicroSD expansion, MP3 player, FM radio, and up to 4.4 hours of talk time.
The thin, stainless steel E51 has a 2-inch QVGA display (240 x 320 pixels) with an amazing depth of 16.7 million colors. It includes an ambient light sensor and an LED light indicator that can be customized to let you know of missed calls or incoming emails and text messages. It has a standard numeric keypad as well as several One Touch keys that provide direct access to functions, including email, Bluetooth, and the Home screen.

Customer feedback:

1. The E51 is sleek, built for style and productivity...a rare combination that means popularity with true merit. So I'm quite puzzled that this phone isn't being pushed as much as the N95. It's got the right dimensions, not too heavy in the shirt pocket, feels good in my hand, the keypad has excellent touch and layout with 1-press keys for Calendar, Contacts, Email, Bluetooth (on/off) and Silent/General mode.
It's real cool that the 1-press keys for Calendar, Contacts and Email have different modes. Short press starts the app (Calendar, Contacts, Email). Long press starts a new record within the app (new calendar entry, new contact, new message). I've re-assigned the 1-press key for Email to start the Messaging app, and long press starts the CryptoGraf Messaging app to encrypt my messages.

2. Most of the cameras today are aimed either for kids (like the chocolate), fashion conscious adults (the big hit razr), or business people (the bulky blackberry or treo). What if i want a phone that is sleek but also loaded with all the important business tools? well the E51 was a Godsend. This sleek phone comes with high speed 3G internet and WiFi connection. Gone are the days paying $15 to connect to the internet at airports and hotels. Simply use the mini usb cable or download a symbian based modem application and you can use your phone as your modem.
The camera is decent (2mb) and since micro sd cards are so cheap nowadays (i bought a 4gb Kingston one at Amazon for $14) you can use this phone also as a portable mp3 player (stereo ear phones included).

Nokia E51 Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, MP3/Video Player, and MicroSD Slot--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black Steel)

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