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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Unlocked Phone with 3G, 8.1 MP, WiFi, Stereo Bluetooth, and Assisted GPS--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black)

Combining a high-performance digital audio player, high-megapixel digital camera and ultra-fast mobile communicator in one package, the Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Phone will keep you easily connected to family and friends wherever you roam as well as keep you entertained with your favorite tunes and YouTube video. This slider style phone offers a gorgeous, brightly colorful 2.6-inch display that's great for watching videos streamed from YouTube via a special application as well as reviewing photos snapped by the 8.1-megapixel camera, which includes a flash and face recognition technology.
The clear and intuitive Walkman digital audio player interface makes it easy to navigate your mobile music collection, and with the innovative Shake function you can simply flick your wrist to randomly select a new song from your library. The W995a comes with an 8 GB Memory Stick Micro (M2) card, which can store thousands of songs.
The phone's integrated aGPS location feature not only enables you to find your way from point to point with the preloaded Google Maps application, but you can also geotag photos with the precise location where they were shot. Other features include Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g), Bluetooth for handsfree devices and stereo music streaming, integrated stereo speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack, preloaded fitness application (with step counter), web browser with RSS feeds, access to personal email and instant messaging, and up to 9 hours of talk time on GSM networks (4 hours using 3G networks).

Customer feedback:

I decided to purchase the w995a after carefully researching some viable alternatives such as the Nokia n86 8mp, the still-good and underrated n96, and the n82. I chose the Sony because it looks and feels better than the other phones, not because it IS better than the others. Let me explain.
This phone is absolutely gorgeous. Its made of brushed metal, it feels amazing in your hand, and the sliding mechanism is nearly perfect. It's a feature phone, so you really don't have any options to customize the UI like you would with a symbian phone (i.e. the nokias mentioned above), but if this doesn't bother you (which it did not bother me), it really won't matter because the menu layout is really perfect and intuitive. It has great sound, it's beautiful when lit up, and the call quality is superb. That being said, it's simply not a "better" phone than the nokias I've listed.

Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Unlocked Phone with 3G, 8.1 MP, WiFi, Stereo Bluetooth, and Assisted GPS--U.S. Version with Warranty (Black)

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