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Sunday, September 6, 2009

LG KC910 Renoir - Unlocked TriBand Cellular Phone - 8 MP Camera, GPS, WiFi, FM Radio

The LG-KC910 is the perfect successor to the multi-million selling camera phone, LG Viewty. Like its predecessor, which debuted as the slimmest 5 megapixel phone, the LG-KC910 will be the slimmest 8 megapixel handset on the market at just 13.95 mm when released. This phone combines the latest multimedia features and an intuitive user interface evolved far beyond what Viewty offered. With this phone LG has created a multi-sensorial experience like no other, providing enhanced viewing enjoyment, superior sound and better use of touch.
The LG-KC910 leads the industry with its 8 megapixel camera, which is being developed to include Schneider-Kreuznach certified optics, a xenon flash and ISO sensitivity up to 1600. Further strengthening the phones camera features are image stabilization, auto-focus, manual focus, Face Tracking, Smile Shot and blink detection.
An embedded GPS receiver gives the LG-KC910 the ability to geo-tag photos for later plotting on an interactive map. A variety of creative shot modes, so far only found on standalone digital cameras, will be included.
Video features are just as advanced as audio features. The LG-KC910 can record video from 5fps up to 120fps, which allows it to record in both fast and slow motion. The phone also plays DivX and Xvid movies straight out of the box, without the need for additional encoding.
A 3.0-inch WQVGA full touch LCD screen is the ideal canvas for experiencing and interacting with the LG-KC910s multimedia features. A customizable interface, with numerous widgets and shortcuts, makes the phones myriad features even easier to use. Rounding out the phones comprehensive feature set, are A-GPS enabled navigation, compatibility with the latest 3G HSDPA networks for connections up to 7.2Mbps and Wi-Fi for even faster internet access. The phone also includes a Jogging Buddy program that uses GPS technology to help track workouts, a feature sure to please exercise enthusiasts.

Customer feedback:

1. The camera phone is great (not dslr quality but good), the battery is okay, the touchscreen is decent, the eight gigabyte chip (microsdhc class 4) works well, sound quality is good, the included headphones are worthless; wifi works well. Is this phone an iPhone killer? Probably not, but it's definitely close.

2. I've had this phone for three days now, and all i can say is...this phone is awsome!!! ^_^ this is much better than the viewty.. improved and i like the fact that it has wifi, puls 8 MP camera totally awsome...the video is cool it has three modes: normal, fastmode, and the slowmo (120fps)...
for the camera, inorder to get a good performance and great quality for photos, different setting must be done...i just play with it and try different kinds of settings such as the white balance, ISO, Scene mode, etc..
for the mp3...totally awsome, i must say DOLBY, great quality...
i am not sure whats the max for the memory..i have 4 gb micro hsdc..but im gona try 8gb soon...
third party is allowed too...but mostly games and java games...i installed the touch piano and guitar..drums..a lot more and they work perfectly fine..

LG KC910 Renoir - Unlocked TriBand Cellular Phone - 8 MP Camera, GPS, WiFi, FM Radio - International Version with No Warranty

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