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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Acer Aspire One AOD250-1706 10.1-Inch Red Netbook - 7.5 Hour Battery Life

Building on its line of popular Aspire One netbooks, Acer makes it even easier to stay productive while on the go with the larger 10.1-inch screen of the Aspire One AOD250. Improving on the previous AOD150 model, the chassis of the Aspire One AOD250 has been honed down to be more sleek and lightweight than its predecessor while still retaining its excellent near full-size keyboard and stylish signature black bezel surrounding the bright, glossy 10.1-inch screen.
A great choice for light-packing business travelers, the 10.1-inch Aspire One AOD250 comes with Windows XP Home, a 160 GB hard drive, and a 6-cell battery for up to 7.5 hours of battery life. The sleekly designed Aspire One AOD250 weighs just 2.8 pounds (with 6-cell battery).
The integrated webcam and microphone makes it easy to connect with friends via video chats. A great choice for students as well as business travelers who like to travel light, this Aspire One AOD250 model (AOD250-1706) in red has a 6-cell battery that provides up to 7.5 hours of battery life on the go and weighs 2.8 pounds. Designed especially for mobile devices, the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor uses an innovative design structure and hafnium-infused circuitry, which reduces electrical current leakage in transistors to conserve energy.
You'll be able to easily video chat wherever you roam thanks to the Crystal Eye webcam integrated into the LCD's bezel, delivering smooth video streaming and high quality images even in low-light situations. And the built-in digital microphone delivers superior voice quality keeping background noise level low and minimizing echoes.

Customer feedback:

1. This is perfect! I bought the same brand with the smaller battery locally and decided that I preferred the longer battery time. I am getting right at 8 hours per charge. It's perfect for surfing the web, doing facebook, email, etc. I have loaded open office and my zune stuff on here so I can watch movies and listen to my music. Yeah, the keyboard is small but when you get a netbook you expect that don't you? The bluetooth is nice - I have used it a couple of times and the webcam isn't bad. The wifi picked up my home network immediately with no issues. It will be nice to travel with this little guy.

2. WOW! This ACER netbook is faster and more portable than I imagined. I retired my 7+ lbs HP laptop, and this little gem does everything- and more! It doesn't have a CD/DVD built in, but if I need to read or write to one, I can do it through my home or work network anyway. I've had it for 3 weeks and have taken it everywhere. Battery life is incredible with the newer 6 cell battery- which comes with this model no. It lasts until I'm ready to plug it in before bed, sometimes with 50% power left after being on all day.

Acer Aspire One AOD250-1706 10.1-Inch Red Netbook - 7.5 Hour Battery Life

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