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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

5 tips on buying a camera lens

Tip 1 (Learn about the different kinds of lens): There are many different kinds of lens such as zoom, ultra zoom, macro, wide angle, prime, fish eye, standard lens, tilt, etc. You should read up, and be sure what each of these terms means before you go ahead and decide to buy a lens. This will help you determine which type of lens you want to buy.

Tip 2 (zoom lens): A zoom lens is, simply speaking, a lens which allows you to view distant objects more closely, similar to a telescope. More technically, a zoom lens is a combination of different lens elements that allow the variation of the focal length. Zoom lens are suitable for shooting wildlife, sporting activities, and objects at a distance.

Tip 3 (Superzoom lens): Superzoom lens are those lens that have large focal length factors, normally more than 4X, going upto 20x. For example, a lens that has the specification of 18-270 mm has a zoom ration of 15x, qualifying to be called a superzoom lens. However, these lens typically has a problem in terms of distortion of the image at both ends.

Tip 4 (Prime lens): A prime lens is normally much superior to a zoom lens in terms of optics, image quality, and smaller size and weight. However, a prime lens does not have the ability of a zoom lens of variable focal length, being a fixed focal length lens. A prime lens can have a much larger maximum aperture than a zoom lens, and hence better ability to handle low light conditions.

Tip 5 (Wide angle lens): A wide angle lens is one that allows you to take photographs with a much wider perspective than zoom lens, in the sense that you can get in more of the surrounding. The focal length of a wide angle lens is shorter than the focal lenght of a normal zoom or prime lens. However, the images generated through using a wide angle lens are more suspectible to perspective distortion.

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