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Monday, September 8, 2008

Natural remedies for migraine

Migraine is an affliction that can cause a person severe pain. The pain in the head can incapacitate a person totally, preventing them from working when the pain is happening. Migraine is also something that afflicts a large number of people.
There are some natural remedies for migraine, and here is a website that promises to help (link), (link2)

Many migraine sufferers have turned to natural treatments once the cause has been determined. If stress is the culprit, you may find meditation or self-hypnosis an invaluable aid in relieving tension. If you suffer on a monthly basis because of menstruation or another hormone instability, herbal supplements formulated specifically for PMS symptoms will be beneficial. Some foods like Chocolate, Cheese, Nuts or any food containing MSG may cause a headache and therefore should be avoided. But until you have tried to narrow down the causes you may find your migraine or headache keeps coming back.

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