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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Leaving the children at home

A couple had recently purchased the DVD from a movie that they and their best friends, Tom and Carol, had really wanted to see in the theater. Unfortunately, they had all missed it. So they invited the friends over to watch it.

Since Tom's mother (92 years old) lived with them, and being a bit leery of leaving her home alone, they brought her along. And so, after exchanging greetings, they put the DVD in the player and settled back to enjoy the movie.

It had been a long day/week for Tom, however, and they noticed that Tom kept nodding off. As his head dropped lower, it finally startled him awake.

He shook it off the first few times, but eventually turned to Carol and told her wife it was time to leave, as his mother must be getting tired.

Grandma was indignant! She rapped him on the head, playfully, and pointed out to him who was REALLY tired.

Then she looked to their hosts and said, "My dears, next time you invite me, I'll be sure to leave the children at home."

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