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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Athletes Foot cure? - No harm in trying

I suffered with severe athletes foot for years before heeding the advice of my dad. The soles of my feet were covered with a thick layer of fungus and blisters would appear on my heels and between my toes. I tried everything possible from home remedies to drugs. My dad told me how to cure it and I have not had the problem in at
least 10 years.
Put on pure cotton socks. Use canvas shoes that are about ready for the trash can or can be discarded if they fall apart after the treatment. Put on the socks and shoes and pour regular isprophyl alcohol into each shoe to saturate the socks and shoes.
Keep these shoes on all day, preferably outside while working. Remove the shoes and socks at night and take a shower or bath to clean them thoroughly. That's it. You will notice nothing for at least a week or maybe more. Finally, your feel will peel tremendously and your feet will be a smooth and pink as when you were a kid.
My dad tells me that the alcohol soaks through the first layer of skin that is infected with the fungus and effectively kills it from underneath the tough outer layer of skin of which a topical ointment is hard to penetrate. The peeling is a result of the killed fungus letting go of the skin.
There might be a slight warmth on your feet when you put the alcohol on, but it does not burn or blister. It does not effect the non-fungus areas of your feet,only the infected areas.
I usually do this treatment about once a year in the summer, but I have not had to do it for couple of years now. I believe this because it did work for me. I told my Dermatologist about this and told him if he had any patients with this problem that I could cure it for the cost of a pint of rubbing alcohol!

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