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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Recipe: Grain & Cheese Burger

Yield: 4 Servings

1 1/2 c mushrooms,chopped
1/2 c green onions,chopped
1 T margarine
1/2 c rolled oats,regular
1/2 c brown rice,cooked
2/3 c shredded cheese,mozzarella
1 or cheddar
3 T walnuts,chopped
3 T cottage (or ricotta cheese)
1 low fat
2 lg eggs
2 T parsley,chopped
1 salt,pepper
1 buns,mayo, tomato, lettuce

In a 10 to 12 inch nonstick frying pan over medium heat, cook mushrooms and green onions in margarine until vegetables are limp, about 6 minutes. Add oats and stir for 2 minutes. Remove from heat, let cool slightly, then stir in cooked rice, cheese, walnuts, cottage cheese, eggs, and parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste. On an oiled 12X15 inch baking sheet shape into 4 patties, each 1/2 inch thick.
Grill 3 inches from heat, turning once, 6 to 7 minutes total. Serve on bread with mayo, onion rings, and lettuce.

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