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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Home Tips

To shine patent leather shoes or handbags, rub with unbeaten egg white. Allow it to dry, then polish with a soft cloth.
Got a mark on your bath (ceramic or plastic), try putting a small lump of toothpaste on to your finger and rubbing the mark gently with it. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. You will be amazed as to what you can clean up with a bit of toothpaste.
If an aluminium pan has become discolored, boil some apple peel in it for a few minutes, then rinse and dry.
Keep your fingernails clean while doing a dirty job by first running them all across a bar of soap so there is a scraping beneath each of your nails.
Crushed egg shells and water make an excellent scourer for vases.
After you've dyed a pair of shoes, give the heels a coat of clear nail varnish. It prevents the new color scraping off.
Avoid splashing curtains when washing the windows by folding them on a coat hanger and hanging it from the pole or runner.
Prevent streaks when cleaning glass surfaces by using scrunched up newspaper for the final wipe.
Use a little fabric conditioner in warm water to clean glass topped tables, TV screens or stereo lids, then rub dry. This prevents dust settling on the surface.
Reduce condensation in the bathroom by running cold water into the bath first.

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