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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Your Adsense account was disabled. What can you do ?

For a lot of users who have Adsense accounts and started dreaming of making big money, there are a fraction of them who see their dreams get smashed when they suddenly get a notification that their Adsense accounts have been disabled because of some sort of inappropriate behavior, either in terms of the site, or in terms of around the ads themselves. When this happens to people, they can't believe that their activities were detected by Google, or that Google would bother with individuals.
However, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Google Adsense program has a list of Program Policies available at this page and you should read this page. These policies control how ads should be placed, who should click ads (you should never click ads yourselves, or encourage people to click on Ads). Google (and other advertisers) have click fraud as one of their high priorities, and determining and removing people who indulge in click fraud is one of their top priorities.
Now, for whatever reason, your Adsense account has been disabled, and you are struggling to determine the reason, next steps, and what you can do to convince Google that you are innocent.

First item, read the Disabled account FAQ (available at this page). Remember, if you are looking for Google to provide you with a lot of information about why your account was disabled, which specific clicks, etc, then you will have to wait for a long time. Google does not provide any help in terms of detailed information, it is for you to convince them that you have a genuine account, and have not committed any wrong doing.
Some of the queries answered on this page are:
Why was my account disabled? Can you tell me more about the invalid click activity you detected?
Can my account be reinstated after being disabled for invalid click activity?
My account was disabled and my appeal was denied. Is there any way I can rejoin the program? Can I open a new account?
My account was disabled for being related to another disabled account. Can you tell me more about this relation?
Will I still be paid out for my AdSense earnings?

If your account has been disabled due to Invalid activity, then please go to this form:
Invalid Activity Appeal (link)

Read more before appealing, since that helps you present your information in a more convincing way. For example, refer to this article (link)

Finally, do refer to this FAQ on invalid clicks, and remember, Google takes invalid clicks very seriously.

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