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Monday, September 7, 2009

Tourist Places: Kadmat Island (in India) - Incredible scuba, snorkeling, white beach

Kadmat is a beautiful Island, located in the Arabian Sea, as part of the Lakshadweep Islands. It is situated 407 kms. far from Kochi (Cochin) in the Indian state of Kerala('11* 13*' north latitude; '72* 48*' east longitude). One of the largest islands in the group of islands in the Lakshadweep, Kadmat is 8 Km long and 550 m wide at the broadest point. Surrounded on the eastern and western side by a reef lagoon, Kadmat is the ideal heaven of solitude.
The beautiful shallow lagoons that surround Kadamat form an ideal spot for water sports activities. There is a very large lagoon on the western side abounding in coral growths and the associated colorful fish that frolic in such coral growths. This little island has an astonishing variety of marine flora and fauna. Out of these, the best attractions are the long sandy beaches and the sand banks on the southern tip that are ideal for a sunbath.

Location of Kadmat Island on Google Maps:

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Snorkeling in the coastal lagoon of Kadmat

The resort at Kadmat offers peace and solitude at the isolated South tip of the island. The rooms offer fantastic views of the encircling lagoons and waking up to Dolphins frolicking just beyond the reef at sunrise is part of the charm at Kadmat (however, be warned, sometimes the Dolphins don't appear and you could get disappointed). A full-fledged water sports institute is functional at Kadmat which allows you deep sea scuba diving (as long as you are able to show your qualifications - if you have not done scuba diving, you can take a learners starter course, but it is not part of the package).
Kadmat woos its visitors with its long unending stretches of white sandy beaches and exceptional scuba diving facilities. Although Kadmat is among the inhabited islands in Lakshadweep, it's population is quite low and is only around 5000. The water around the Kadmat islands are one of the most cleanest in Lakshadweep. The afternoons here are a little sultry and hot, but the nights are quite pleasant with cool breeze from the ocean soothing the environment. If you somehow miss the sunrise, do not forget to witness the sun setting behind the horizon. It lasts a little more than an hour curtaining the sky in a myriad of unbelievable hues. Without a doubt, the shores of Kadmat are one of the most irresistible in many sections of Asia.
Apart from the warm and clear waters, Scuba Diving is worth it for the awesome spread of coral reefs on the sea bed. The most appealing of them all is the red tinged coral that might just tempt you to pick them. However it is advised that you don't do it as it is against the law to take corals from these islands. The tourists may indulge in the water sports like kayaking, yachting, boating and skiing on the water surface. In addition, you can do para-sailing with a rope tied to a speedboat (however, keep in mind that you should reach there early). There is also a glass bottom boat ride where you can see corals and fishes through a glass pane at the bottom of the boat. And then you can do snorkeling, lazily floating through the water with a small pipe getting you the required air to breathe. A person will show you the places with beautiful fish and corals.

Tourist Information:
Lakshadweep Tourism Resort provides both AC and non-AC accommodation with attached bathrooms, foyers and a porch. The huge resort has an office, a gymnasium, a conference room and bathing blocks for people coming after a swim in the sea. The meals here are served in buffet style. The Kerala cuisine are the most favored cuisine here. However, Lakshadweep specials can also be had here.
Kadmat can be reached from Agatti by taking a cruise. It can also be reached by taking up Lakshadweep Tourism departments Marine Wealth and Scuba Diving packages. Read more at this link.
Learn and book for diving at this location:

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The large variety of fish however, ensures that snorkeling is delightful at all times. You may even attempt snorkeling at night. But only if accompanied by a local expert. The experience is ethereal – Imagine - A solitary large star lighting up the sea with a starlight beam. The lagoon is dark and foreboding but for the canopy of little stars above and a world of luminous plankton lighting up the sea grass underwater and the fish swimming around the torchlight.

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The remoteness of Kadmat Island really gives you a feeling of "getting away from it all" - but this comes at a price, either in terms of money or time. Staying on Kadmat Island and paying for the dives are not expensive (in fact, comparatively cheap), but getting to Kadmat is. The diving was truly spectacular, and Kadmat had a wonderfully comfortable, mellow island feel to it.

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Once you get used to breathing in from your mouth and allow your nose the rest that it never gets, snorkelling and scuba diving is fun.It is like you are absorbed in a different world surrounded by fish big and small, beautiful coloured corals of numerous shapes and sizes and all you have to do is float about enjoying the spectacle.

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The island is a narrow strip of about 6km long with one single road running through the middle, covered in coconut trees and surrounded by the reef, heavenly! The ship stopped just outside the reef and then we had to climb down a rope ladder and get onto a small wooden boat for a 20 minute trip to reach the island. As there is nothing here but fish and coconuts it comes as no surprise to learn that there is a tiny desiccated coconut plant and coconut coir rope factory which we visited one morning.

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