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Monday, September 7, 2009

Make Money from Blogs - Wordpress plugin: Display your Page Rank on any page

For people with an understanding of what Google's Page Rank is, having a high Page Rank is a badge of honor; if the Page Rank is not high, people make all sorts of effort to get a higher Page Rank. They will link to sites with a higher Page Rank, post to article directories (to try to get some of the high rank of these sites). In fact, whenever Google does a review of Page Rank and either bumps up a person, or pushes up the Page Rank, there is a huge amount of emotion involved. For an individual site to have a high Page Rank, it is probable that they will get a corresponding larger amount of traffic (from search engines, as well as from people who would want to link to a site with a high Page Rank).
Hence, if you have a high Page Rank (in fact, a Page Rank of > 3 is good enough to display), you might want to display the Page Rank. Somebody with a lower Page Rank might look at the high Page Rank, and want to link to your site. Or you might be justifiably proud of the high Page Rank, and display the Page Rank on your site (link to article):

If your wordpress blog has a better page rank, here is a better chance to reveal it to your blog readers. That is Wordpress Page Rank Plugin Show-My-PageRank. You can also change the size, caption text, text color, font size etc from option window.
If you want to show your page rank to a custom area , say footer.php or header.php , just add the below line to corresponding section in theme editor window.

Go ahead and try it out; if you have a High Page Rank, why not display it as a badge of honor.

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