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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hindi Serial - Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo - Ammaji gets a reprieve from the court

It seemed like Ammaji would rise higher and higher, ensuring that her writ runs in the whole village, and nobody could oppose her. She got the middle son, Avtaar re-married even though his wife Chanda had delivered 2 daughters, and even though everybody was surprised when the police came to investigate, Ammaji managed to get the marriage through by deceiving the police.
And then it seemed that Ammaji was in the most trouble that she had ever seen. She was actually put in jail by the police (after quite a bit of opposition from her family and from other people in the village), on the complaint of Sunita who claimed that Ammaji was behind her beating and torture. The other women in the household were very happy, and it seemed that finally the serial was moving towards some sort of justice.
However, this was not to be. Raghav, in order to help his mother, made a plan to get Sunita murdered before she showed up in court; Sia and the others managed to hide the injured Sunita, but finally, just before she managed to enter the court, she was murdered, and Ammaji was out free.
The bigger question is now about whether in the future, Raghav will become a good guy, away from being the villain that he is now. Sia hates him, and the viewers also hate him.

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