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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Control with 3.5-Inch Color Touch Screen

Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote – powerful home-entertainment control through a customizable, 3.5-inch full-color touch screen. The Harmony remote makes it easy for any family member to use the home-entertainment system without help – and start any activity with just one touch of a button. NO more navigating a variety of entertainment components with multiple remotes and/or a complicated sequence of commands, which often require a set of written instructions.
The Harmony 1100 is a powerful, customizable remote with a stunning brushed metal and piano-black finish. Harmony 1100 — a brilliant addition to your living room. One touch to your entertainment: No more complicated lists of what to turn on or which button to select. Everyone can select what he or she wants to do. Just press the “Watch a DVD” button and the Harmony 1100 powers on your TV, DVD player, and stereo receiver, sets all your inputs, and even starts your movie.

Customer feedback:

1. While I have not been using it for very long, I'm pretty pleased so far. My wife who is not technical savvy by any stretch loves it and has already started getting used to it and is anxious to get rid of our other remote controls. One minor annoyance is the need to "page" through a number of screens for some of the devices to get to their device-specific controls. For example, if you want to get to your DVR on your cable box, I have to hit the "page down" button five times, but once I'm there, I have full control using the tactile buttons on the right side of the remote. Perhaps there is a way to create a shortcut for this, although I haven't found it yet.

2. The Harmony 1100 is a highly customizable universal remote designed for easy set up and take control of all your electronic needs. If you normally turn on a PVR, amplifier, and TV plus be concerned with the TV's input setting just to watch your programs, this remote can handle all this by pressing one button. Unlike the Harmony one, the Harmony 1100 is more customizable, and supports Z-Wave (RF) Technology although won't support third party Z-Wave devices such as light dimmers.

Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Control with 3.5-Inch Color Touch Screen

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