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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Elgato Systems 10020974 EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Stick for Analog, HDTV and FM Radio Reception

Enjoy stunning quality HDTV on the high-resolution display of your Mac with EyeTV Hybrid. EyeTV Hybrid receives unencrypted digital and analog TV by antenna and cable, so it not only turns your Mac into the world¿s most affordable flat-screen HDTV and DVR, it is also an excellent solution for the Digital Transition.

Technical Details:
Watch, pause, and rewind live television on your Mac and listen to FM radio
Record TV and FM radio shows and export them to your iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone
Powerful, compact TV tuner stick
Includes award-winning EyeTV 3 software

Customer feedback:

1. The new EyeTV Hybrid (2009 version with FM radio reception) is an amazing package of hardware and software. It has its flaws, notably the remote control is not intuitive. But this could be sold without the remote and it would still be a great product. Ease of use: if all you are doing is watching broadcasts, the EyeTV package is easy to use. I would not recommend it for my elderly parents, but non-techies will have it up and running in a few minutes (assuming you have an antenna feed handy). Recording broadcasts is very easy too.

2. I just got a new TV. It's the size of a USB flash drive, interfaces with my Mac, allowing me to pause, rewind, and skip ads, and allows me to record all of my favorite programs for viewing on my schedule, on my Mac or iPhone. My new TV also hooks up easily to my VCR and allows me to digitize my old VHS videotapes for archiving on DVD or posting online. My new TV, and my favorite TV so far, is an EyeTV Hybrid, powered by the amazing EyeTV 3 software.
Elgato has managed to shrink a digital HDTV tuner into a stick the size of a so-called "thumb drive", which turns any USB 2.0-capable Mac (G5 and later) into the coolest TV on the block. This little USB-plug-in device feeds an HD signal into the Eye TV software, which gives you access to a control center bringing together live TV, previously recorded programs, and a TV Guide-powered listings screen.

Elgato Systems 10020974 EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Stick for Analog, HDTV and FM Radio Reception

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