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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Article: Whole grains can give health benefits, countering diabetes and cancer

As part of a healthy diet, it has always been recommended to have whole grain as part of the dite. Remember when you pop off to get some bread, and the whole grain bread is advertised as the more healthy one, the type that is more beneficial to your health. You already know that, but here is some advice in the form of a study that recommends having more of whole grain, since it helps against both diabetes and cancer (link to article):

“Research shows that whole grains are good for your heart, lower risk of diabetes and stroke, and may help prevent certain cancers. They also help in managing weight,” she said. Sandon said that whole grains are chock full of good-for-you nutrients including fiber, folate and niacin, vital B vitamins, and magnesium.
She advised that people should by rule look for the words “Made with whole grain” and “100 percent whole grain” on packages. She gave other going-with-the-grain tips, which include swapping whole wheat breadstuffs for white rolls and breads, using whole wheat bread crumbs for stuffing.

This scientific advice will not be unknown to a number of people, but because whole grain stuff does not taste the same as the more processed stuff (food articles), people do not readily adopt whole grain; another byproduct of this attitude is that whole grain made items are not so readily available.

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