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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hindi Serials: Rakhi ka Swayamwar - Elesh is the guy

So, the day of reckoning finally arrived; no more will we see more episodes of Rakhi Ka Swayamwar, and no more will we see assorted handsome guys proclaiming that they are truly in love with Rakhi and admire her.
On a long episode, atleast 2 hours, Rakhi finally made her choice, and it is the NRI from Ontario, Canada - Elesh. The show had the 3 finalists coming in full spendour (with almost groom dressing), and then had a whole host of TV celebrities coming on who all spoke to the camera. Then we had much small talk with the finalists, and then Rakhi arrived. She looked okay, but I have to say that her dressing was not like most brides I have seen, she showed far more skin that they do in normal Hindu weddings.
Rakhi spent a lot of time debating, doing a prayer on stage along with some of her friends, and then finally picked Elesh by putting the flowers around his neck. However, as expected, even though they said they could do the actual marriage festivities right now, they wanted to spend time to know each other, which means that there remains a chance that the marriage will not happen later.
The last episode (today's show) was live.

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