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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

VisualPin - Geocode your videos

What is this you ask? Quite simply, VisualPin lets you geocode any video from start to finish - literally! What does that mean you now ask? If you have a video of say, a 4WD trip or a train ride and you want to show people where the video is showing as it plays, you can simply add a location to a map for each second of the video (or at any time during the playing of the video).
VisualPin works by allowing you to add a map location at any time while the video is playing. Once this is done, you get a link that you can send to anyone you wish to view your video with moving maps. You can also get options to embed your new video with maps into your own website or simply keep it so only you can see it. By the way, we never store your videos - you just upload to one of your existing video portals (currently we support YouTube by stand by for more soon) or your own website. Oh, it must be an FLV video file.

Available at this location: Link

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