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Monday, November 24, 2008

Yearbook - Online page building program - eDesign

Located at this site,

From the site:

If you've been wishing you could...
plan and design your book at your convenience, monitor the status of your yearbook pages, flip through the pages to view the book as it will appear, use pre-designed layouts and pop-ins or create your own designs, submit prints or upload photos directly from your computer, organize and sort digital images, create rectangular, oval, star and polygon shaped photo boxes, apply colors to text by paragraphs, words or even a single letter at a time, apply styles to text to help ensure consistency and simplify font changes, copy and paste text from outside word processing programs, spell check annoying typos before they become proof corrections, use nonprinting sticky notes to communicate with other users, use up to 30 undos to make page editing easy

...your dreams have just come true!

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