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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Research: Taking Vitamin C with insulin stops blood vessel damage

For people with Type 1 diabetes with a history of poor glucose control, there is a very high chance of complications caused due to damage to blood vessels. These complications occur if the patients is suffering from a cardiovascular disease, or from diabetes. If this damage happens, some of the additional health problems include heart disease, reduced circulation, and amputation, kidney disease and diabetic retinopathy. In new research, it was found that taking Vitamin C with insulin can stop this blood vessel damage (link to article):

While neither therapy produced desired results when used alone, the combination of insulin to control blood sugar together with the use of Vitamin C, stopped blood vessel damage caused by the disease in patients with poor glucose control, said researchers.
nsulin and many other drugs have long been used to control blood sugar, but Ihnat - in an earlier project with scientists in Italy and Hungary - found that cells have a "memory" that causes damage to continue even when blood sugar is controlled. By adding antioxidants like Vitamin C, Ihnat found that cell "memory" disappeared and cell function and oxidation stress were normalized. "For patients with diabetes, this means simply getting their glucose under control is not enough. An antioxidant-based therapy combined with glucose control will give patients more of an advantage and lessen the chance of complications with diabetes," the expert added.

Of course, since this is research, and not yet a proven and stated scientific theory, this means that you cannot take this as treatment. However, if you are not getting enough Vitamin C in your diet, there is no problem with adding more Vitamin C.

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