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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joke: Ten bucks is ten bucks

Ma looked at the sign and said, "But the sign says ten bucks, and ten bucks is ten bucks, Pa.

Pa hung his head in disappointment and they moved on.

The next year they came to the county fair and the same fella was there with the biplane. "Ma," he started, "sure would like me a ride in that there aeroplane."

Again Ma looked at the sign and told him, "I know Pa, but the sign says ten bucks, and ten bucks is ten bucks."

This went on a few more years until one year the young pilot saw them coming. Just as Pa started on Ma, the young pilot interrupted, "Look folks, I'll take BOTH up for free if you sit there and don't make a noise, but one sound out of either of ya and I get ten bucks from BOTH of you."

They talked it over, agreed, and climbed in the back of the cockpit.

After they took off and got to a good altitude, the young pilot decided he was going to get his money from them one way or another. He looped the airplane, rolled it and even did a spin, but nothing he could do would elicit a sound. Frustrated, he headed back to the landing field.

He turned his head to yell at them in the back cockpit and said, "I'll have to admit, you guys did okay. I thought one of you wudda made some sort of sound."

Ma leaned forward and said, "I thought I shudda said sumthin' when Pa fell out after the first loop, but ten bucks is ten bucks!"

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