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Friday, August 22, 2014

Some riddles with fairly simple answers ..

Where does success come before work?
In the dictionary !

What is the favorite ride of ghost children?
The roller ghoster

What animals are on legal documents?

What holds the sun up in the sky?

What does a tarantula wish he had?
A hairy godmother

If a boy is spanked by his mother and his father, who hurts the most?
The boy.

What would you get if you crossed an elephant with a parrot?
Something that tells you everything it remembers. (James Ertner)


He blamed arithmetic for his divorce. His wife put two and two together.

Every calendar's days are numbered.

The company accountant is shy and retiring. He's shy a quarter of a million dollars. That's why he's retiring.

My blonde secretary cut her fingers off so that she could write short hand.

A new manager for a clothing manufacturer has to fit seamlessly into the company while looking for loose ends.

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