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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can mobile phones roast popcorn

This was a hot video going around on Youtube for quite some time now, that talked of mobile phones having enough power to cause popcorn placed between 3 phones to start popping. There has always been the fear that the radiation from mobile phones is dangerous and can cause problems to people; imagine the fear when a mobile phone is kept in a shirt pocket right next to the heart - the mobile phone could disrupt the electrical signals of the brain. so, if you watch the below video, you will get a clearer view of why mobile phones are seen as so dangerous:

This is now revealed to be a hoax (link)

The company that made these have now admitted it was a fake. It was by Cardio Systems that make bluetooth wireless devices. On their website they have a disclaimer saying it was fiction and a viral advertising campaign.

Such hoaxes are dangerous. We should fear things based on facts and science, not based on some kind of stunt meant to promote some business, or for any other such reason.

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