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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bedpan in the car

Two nuns were driving in the country and ran out of gas. They spotted a
farmhouse to ask the farmer if he could give them enough gas to get to the
next town.

The farmer agrees, but says he has no container to put the gas in. He takes
them into the barn to see if there is anything they can find that will do
the job.

Amidst a pile of junk one of the nuns spots a bedpan and says, "That will do
just great! We're used to using those bedpans in the hospital."

Farmer fills it with gas for them. The nuns take the bedpan full of gas back
to their car. They pour the gas into their car's gas tank when a car drives

The window rolls down and a man leans out the window and says, "Sisters ...
I'm not a Roman Catholic ... as a matter of fact I'm a Baptist clergyman.
But I just had to stop to tell you how much I admire your faith that that's
going to work!!!"

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