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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Joke: Knowing the person since he was so small

A wagon trail was heading west, and the wagon master send a scout
ahead to watch out for Indians. The man was gone for a few hours and
came back to report that he saw an Indian on a hill.

"How big was he? " the wagon master asked.

"About one inch", the scout replied as he show with his two fingers.

"Go out again and keep your eyes on him" ordered the wagon master,
and the scout complied.

A few hours later, he came back and reported that he saw the Indian

"How big was he?" the wagon master asked. By showing with his hand,
the scout said that he was bigger than the length from his fingertip
to the end of his wrist

"Keep and eye out for him and report back" said the wagon master

The scout came back after a few hours and reported that the Indian
was now as tall as his arm up to the elbow.

"Go out and shoot the SOB!" ordered the wagon master.

"I can't" replied the scout.

"Why not?' asked the wagon master

I've known him ever since when he was this big" the scout said,
showing the wagon master with his two fingers an inch apart as

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